Heart Transplant

During an out of town medical emergency that was shaping up to be a long absence from home it was suggested to me to call the Fort Frances Community Chest for help. I had no idea what sort of "help" I was calling for but I called. I spoke to Joelle who was very kind and had a few questions. After a short explanation of our hardship Joelle told me not to worry. She would deposit $1000 into my bank account the following morning. I was so suprised!  This was the first of a handful of times they helped us over the span of 18 months. They were the ones who provided the money for lodging in Ottawa while my husband received and began his recovery for a heart transplant. Having the FF Community Chest take care of my worries about that so I could focus on being near my husband and supporting him. I kept receipts but was never asked for any. Linda Hamilton was very supportive each time we spoke and I am beyond thankful they were there in our time of need.
Small communities like ours need these organizations and we all need to support them. I am a firm believer in taking care of each other, no matter who we are.
Thank you, Community Chest, from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us when we needed help. I can't express our gratitude enough.
Nathan and Sarah

Premature Babe

After the 5-week early arrival of our son, Henry Michael Spry, on January 1st, 2014, we were extremely thankful for the Fort Frances Community Chest and all those, in the community, who support them.

We received financial assistance which helped us with lodging and meal costs, during our 10-day stay in Winnipeg, while Henry was in the St. Boniface NICU, and we have supported the Community Chest ever since.

There truly is something great to be said about the generosity, support, and compassion of small-town living and we are thankful for such a wonderful community, and community organization, that gave us comfort and support in our time of need. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

Tyler, Leanne, and Henry Spry


Heart Transplant

Hi I'm Sue.

Today my heart happily beats with everlasting thanks to my donor and donor family. On February 21st 2006 I was given a second chance at life. This, however, would not have been without the financial help, encouragement and caring of the Community Chest.

When I was going through 'my storm ' I was referred to the Community Chest who stepped up to help ease the financial burden ahead of me. I will never forget the friendly faces & ongoing concern I receive and continue to do so (with my many check ups and testing) from the members of the Community Chest.  Without their support for assisting with travel grant monies beforehand I may not be here today to say 'Thank You', from  the bottom of my heart. They are truly angels on earth!!

Please sign your Donor Cards.... It does save lives! With donations to the Community Chest others, too, will be given a second chance in life!! 



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